Our Sunday services exist to give believers an opportunity to worship freely, study the Scriptures, pray, give financially and fellowship together. It is the believers' opportunity to be refreshed and re-energized in their relationship with Christ. It is also a chance for the pre- believer to hear the Gospel and to experience genuine love from a crowd of people who are crazy about Jesus.


We believe that true life-change will happen within the small group setting. We strongly encourage all who wish to be a part of Calvary to attend a small group at least twice a month. 


The needs of our community and our world must matter. Jesus said “go” not “sit.” Because of this directive, we desire to place a heavy emphasis on both local and global outreach. We are working hard to discover the immediate and ever-changing needs of the people around us so that they can be ministered to and shown the love of Jesus through our words and actions.


Children are not just our future, they are our present. We must always remember that God has gifted His children to us. It is our responsibility to partner with parents to help their children be raised up in the way they should go, which is to follow Jesus. We desire to provide engaging environments where Jesus is taught to our children in bold, creative and interactive ways so that they, too, may have the opportunity to know Christ as their Savior and be raised up as His disciples. 


Our students are valuable to us. We do not want to just provide them a place where there are “fun” things to do. We want to provide an environment where authentic life-change happens for them and their peers. We treat our youth like adults, encouraging them to grow spiritually through small groups, use their gifts for service, and participate in local outreach and mission trips as well as provide them the tools to help them on their daily journey with Christ. We also encourage our students to share their faith and not be afraid to stand up for what they believe. They are the present and future church, and we take whatever steps necessary to ensure they are prepared to succeed for Jesus long after we are gone.

Why Only Five Ministries?

We believe we will have more success and less burnout when we focus on doing a few ministries with excellence rather than a bunch of ministries in a mediocre manner. Having a focus helps us manage money better, distribute volunteers more effectively and organize all we do more efficiently. It also allows us to partner with other churches with different ministries. In this way, we can encourage our people to be a part of their ministries so that we have the ability to meet all people's needs in different ways. At Calvary we don't believe churches should compete. We believe in working together for the glory of God and the betterment of man.