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Calvary’s mission is to be a church that makes such an impact on the people within the church and the people within the community that if we closed our doors tomorrow we would be missed. We believe in reaching out in any and all way’s so that all people can know that they are cared for and loved.

Every One Win One: Our “Every One Win One” ministry is built around the idea of looking out for the daily opportunities with family, friends, and associates to encourage them to be apert of our community of Faith. This might mean we pay for someone’s meal, mow a neighbor’s yard, babysit their kids for free etc. There are many opportunities to be a blessing to others and this ministry helps us to serve others as we build the church.

ays be on the lookout for them

I ♥ Fredonia: Our “Love Fredonia” ministry is all about giving back to the community. The goal for this ministry is that for one weekend a year churches all over town would team up to do projects that help improve the community.

Trick Or Treat Around The Square: Each year we team up with other churches and local businesses to provide a safe environment for children to Trick Or Treat. It’s a great time to meet people and bless the kid’s.

Benevolence Giving: Each month we give a portion of money to the Ministerial Alliance that goes into an account where it is distributed through out the year. The money goes to various individuals and families who might need help with gas, food etc. Listed above is just a small part of the ministry that is done at Calvary. We are always looking for any and all opportunities to be a blessing to others.  


GLOBAL OUTREACH Mission Trips: Almost every year one or more people in the church participate in a short-term mission trip. We encourage everyone to go on these trips as way’s to be a part of the amazing things God is doing through His church around the world. Missionary Support: Each month our church gives financial contributions to multiple missionaries in support of the work they are doing in various countries around the world. This is an area that we are passionate about and have a goal that one day we can be a church that fully supports them 100% rather than just a small part of the budget.